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  • Low interest rates
  • Deposit free options available
  • Approved UK lenders
  • Fixed monthly repayments on your chosen day
  • Instant decision when applying online
  • Only UK approved panel of lenders

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Check with multiple lenders in minutes without affecting your credit score

At Detectortek Ltd, we can offer you top brand detecting equipment with full backup and piece of mind. Fill out the short application to receive an immediate decision on whether you would be eligible for the finance option. This will be conducted as a soft-search. There are no-deposit options available and typically has the finance options have low-interest rates. If you decide to go ahead with the finance option, a hard search will be completed.

No matter what equipment you require or what your financial situation is, as long as you ensure you can pay monthly repayments, our team of financial specialists, will aim to provide you with the best loan option for you.

Click apply, Simply fill out our short application and receive an Instant decision.

We lend to those who may not usually qualify with other traditional finance companies and methods yet you can still expect LOWER rates than most credit cards.

You could be assured our soft check does not affect your credit history in anyway.

* Please note, that completing this application will NOT leave a footprint on your credit file as this is a soft search at this stage to explore whether a finance option can be provided to you.

How much can I borrow?

Our loans are typically provided for a five year time period, allowing you to cover the cost of your treatment procedure and give you flexibility to pay back the loan. This time period can be altered, as long as you can ensure you can make monthly repayments. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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