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BlackDog MAX DEEP Search Coil 33x33cm DD for XP: GoldMax Power


BlackDog MAX DEEP Search Coil 33x33cm DD

This Listing is for XP: GoldMax Power Detector only !!

BlackDog Coils have been designed to considerably increase the depth and search surface for objects in areas that have previously been searched with standard coils.

BlackDog MAX DEEP Search Coil 33x33cm DD for XP: GoldMax Power is made from high impact ABS plastic with UV treatment. – Copper winding with 99% purity for greater electrical conductivity. The quality of the winding is very important to achieve a higher “Q” factor, which translates into a greater magnetic field and greater depth of the detector. The cable used is made to measure and internally covered by a shield of 99% of its total surface. It also has a reinforcement of textile fibers, to prevent it from splitting when exposed to pulling. The resin used is of the Epoxy type with UV protection and a very high glass transition coefficient (TG), to withstand high temperatures without losing its properties.

Our resin withstands temperatures above 120 degrees. All our coils are post-cured in a special oven, so that the resin maintains its characteristics regardless of the temperature changes to which the coils are subjected. Our coils are adjusted individually by our quality control technicians using oscilloscopes and laboratory tools to get the most out of our products.

  • Double D coil, for better discrimination and more precise target location.
  • Better penetration in mineralized soils.
  • More stability, allowing to increase the sensitivity of the detector.
  • The coils include low capacitance graphite double shielding, eliminating electrical interference, false signals on wet ground, wet grass, brushing against plants or wet sandy beaches.
  • Fully submersible and waterproof coil.
  • Depth increase of up to 70% compared to standard dishes, depending on the type of detector.
  • Includes coil protector.
  • Low weight of only 550grm

Please note this Listing is for XP: GoldMax Power Detectors only

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