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Mars Gauss MD Metal Detector (Pro Pack)


Mars Gauss MD Professional Metal Detector (Pro Pack)

A new detector from Mars that has excellent searching features, an ergonomic design, ultra-light weight, compactness and reliable build quality.

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Mars Gauss MD Metal Detector (Pro Pack)




  • Dual-frequency operating at 16 and 48 kHz. Switchable without the need to change coils.
  • MDLink receiver for use with supplied headphones.
  • Magnetic fast charging.
  • Tiger search coil.
  • Claimed 24hr use time on a single charge.
  • Telescopic two-part stem with a carbon fibre lower.
  • Dust Proof/Splash Proof IP64.
  • Deep Mode.
  • Weight: GaussMD + Goliath coil = 1444 grams.                          GaussMD + Sniper coil = 1160 grams.
  • 2-year warranty

Pro Version:

1. Control box
2. Shaft
3. Headphones
4. MDLink module
5. USB/mini USB cable
6. Magnetic charging cable
7. AC adapter with USB port
8. Set of rubber washers
9. Coil attachment bolt (3 pcs)
11. Discovery search coil
+ coil cover
+ connector protection cap
12. 7” search coil
(coil cover not included)
+ connector protection cap
13. MarsMD Pointer


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